This is not always a hard part for me. I am that guy who is always able to give himself a very elaborate introduction in whatever kind of audience, yet I seem not to have anything to say here, except for these succinct phrases.

I am currently a student at Moi University pursuing my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in my Fifth (final) year of study . I need not say that I am longing to be in the "outside world" my friends keep yapping about.

I am an outgoing person, easy to approach and start a conversation with, simple, and least that is what those who have interacted with me say. Okay, that "composed" one I got courtesy of a friend, Beltina Sassy, very recently. I know myself as a fast speaker, which most of the time makes me look less composed, but I am working on that daily.

Innovation is my admiration. I come up with new ideas when I travel, besides sleeping ( don't laugh), or watching a movie. Most of the ideas I come up with are either passed on to friends or I personally implement them.

Web technology has been in my veins since 4 years ago when I began as a blogger, after which I got curious to see what happens in the back end, and found myself building blogs. Look at me now....karma reloaded.

When people learn from me, I feel most empowered than when I learn from people. However, I feel more educated and learned when I listen to people rather than talk to them.

Since I would not like to bore you with "Tips and Tricks about me", if there is any other thing you'd like to know, the comments below are free, and I am open to any queries :)

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  1. Quite a selection of words am stealing some...OK borrowing it is....

    1. Thanks Kelvin. I am happy that you found some words here useful.