Reading is not one of my hobbies. Do you remember the high school set books we read? While many of us struggled to read them five times or ten times, I do not remember reading any of them more than once! I do not fancy reading novels.

That was me up to 5 months ago when a friend of mine sent me a pack of 16 entrepreneurial, business and motivational books from the US. The effort and the trouble of sending them alone made me change my mind about reading.

Today, I have just finished reading Vincent Ogutu's book, that has truly empowered me and made me rejuvenate my efforts towards achieving my goals in life.

I feel greatly oblidged to share the short lessons I have learned in every chapter of the book just to give you a hint of what Vincent means when he says, "Life is like that."

His chapter titles to me are true recipes of success.

1. The Power Of Instincts

He defines instinct as that feeling that allows you to make decisions (I presume the right ones) without having any supporting evidence.

All may seem gleam and dull. You may seem to be out of options when between a rock and a hard place. This is the time when trusting your gut. Some of the most important life moments than need split second decisions depend on your instincts.

2. The Power Of Confidence

We all know those brave students who would ask the most "stupid" questions in class. They are the same people who would score better than the rest of us. Success requires some gut.

The absolute awareness of what you want and persistence to go after it no matter the situation. Vincent narrates some of his experience that exemplify this fact.

3. The Power Of Focus

When you hold onto something, hold on tight. Hold on it with all your might, attention. Give it your 100% and watch yourself thrive.

Vincent identifies goal setting as a major way of keeping one focused on their vision. He adds moving around without a well defined purpose is a recipe of success and references Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad who calls it a "rat race."

4. The Power Of Planning

You know the famous phrase that goes, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Once you have a goal and you know exactly what you want in life, the next thing is to create a road map that will get you there.

By knowing what you have to do today, tomorrow, and the following week, month and year, it is easier to track progress, and change strategy towards achieving the goal.

5. The Power Of Choice

Vincent envisions choice as a God given gift that was awarded to man from creation. Likewise, everyday we make choices, good and bad.

We have to take responsibility of the consequences that come with each decision we make, hence the need to be wise when choosing whatever path to take in making our success happen.

With this in mind, we should never blame anyone but ourselves for any misfortunes that we come across.

6. The Power Of Patience.

Not all the things we need come when we need them. Vincent tells how him and his wife waited to get their first baby and how they were devastated by people's words and heresy.

Patience is a virtue, and it comes with resilience and ones willingness to persevere the hurdles of life. Life, as Vincent says reshapes itself and starts helping you till your dream comes true

7. The Power Of Associations

Your network is your net-worth. Investing in good and fruitful relations formulates the foundation for success. Opportunities do not hang on the sky like clouds, but rather, they are found on the people you meet, talk to and attend events together with.

Investing in networking can help you meet significant people who will aid you on your path to success. You will meet your mentor, and even your next business partner.

8. The Power Of Peace

Peace is an everlasting generator of joy and happiness. Making peace with yourself then the people around you especially your family creates the right environment for making it in life.

Vincent pens off the chapter by stating that balancing relationships, family, social life, career, spiritual life and economic activities are a big contributor to health and success.

9. The Power Of Trust

Trusting yourself even when no one is willing to pay tribute to your efforts and struggles. Trusting yourself is when you believe that your actions will lead you home.

10. The Power Of Moving Forward.

When accelerating towards your goals, never confuse motion for progress. Actions creates momentum and eliminates resistance, as Vincent puts it. Put in the right steps to help you achieve your goals.

Decide on what you need to do, take action and watch results. Massive results can only be achieved by massive action.

I am totally empowered by this book and as finish this by saying that the good habits that give rise to success are attainable. We cannot achieve excellence with mediocre habits.

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The biggest lesson I have learned from working out is that it not only makes you physically fit but also gears you up for another level of life. It makes you learn to stretch beyond your limits, and test your true abilities. It shows you when you suck at something and when you are getting better at it. But that’s besides my point.

It’s 4.42am. My phone vibrates from the stool beside my bed and scares me off my almost ending sleep. I clear my throat to sound as if I am awake. Herman is asking if I am gearing up for the morning run. It takes me 4 minutes to get ready and run downstairs.

“By the way, someone would like to join us, she should be on her way,” Herman says when we meet. “Sure, that would be great,” I reply and just then, I hear steps along the stairs.  She’s here. I say hi and Lavender hands me her keys to the gate and off we go. It’s her first time running after a long time I guess. Herman and I decide to make forward and backward moves to let her keep up. We have developed a pace.

“Herman joined me, I talked him through the first time, let me say a few words of encouragement to keep Lavender going. This is hard stuff,” I think amidst my breaths and slow down to let her catch up with me. She seems to be doing well after the short pep talk. We have a few more blocks to cover to get back to our apartments.

The first round of the work out is done, check. Here comes the hardest part, at the roof top.

I turn on a motivational video, but really, we listen only to the sound, “Everybody’s got a dream, a goal, but what’s the plan?” goes the video. We do about 20 push-ups, a few lift ups and frog jumps, and then start the boxing drill. The video is reaching the climax,

 “You cannot give up because it ain’t what you see. You cannot give up! Never ever ever give up! You can’t let them get you down. You can’t get the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dream.”

We’re getting tired, but little did we know, that we were just getting started. It caught Herman and I by surprise. This is where Lavender gets to shine. We’re men and we got used to doing things the crummy way as long as we felt the pinch and the acid in the muscles. She takes the lead, gives us a few tips to keep our spines safe and out of strain when doing push-ups, sit ups or any other form of body movement.

This is when I realize, we had been too comfortable doing same things day in day out. Thinking it was all we ever needed. She takes us through 30 donkey kicks from each leg, 20 squats and the other one that I seem to have forgotten the name. What!! I had a hard time.

Herman seemed to catch up fast on that. 27 squats and counting. I couldn’t hold it past 20. That was it for me. And then came squatting in one position on the toes for 40 seconds. I did 50+. I was proud of myself.

A tinge of headache and sharp pain on my right shoulder are coming up. I am all sweaty and it starts sipping into my eyes even though I try to prevent it. “I think this is great,” I say and continue “We’ve all learned new stuff today, thank you Lavender.” We now decide to wind up and start to walk down, “Lovely day guys,” Herman shouts as he rushes down, and Lavender quickly replies.

You know, getting comfortable makes you think you have it all taken care of. It makes you not see what you’re doing wrong, or what you can do better. It makes you embrace mediocrity and settle for less than you deserve.

Now, here’s the deal. Take on a new challenge, talk to someone. Everyone has got an experience you know nothing about. You just need to have the right trigger and join the right accord to keep you rolling with new experiences every day.

In whatever state you are, you can be better than that. Beat the odds, knock yourself out before someone else knocks you out. Break your own record, do not sympathize with yourself. Keep doing it but keep doing it better. It’s the things we do every day that make up who we are. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. So, keep GRINDING ON.

This is not always a hard part for me. I am that guy who is always able to give himself a very elaborate introduction in whatever kind of audience, yet I seem not to have anything to say here, except for these succinct phrases.

I am currently a student at Moi University pursuing my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in my Fifth (final) year of study . I need not say that I am longing to be in the "outside world" my friends keep yapping about.

I am an outgoing person, easy to approach and start a conversation with, simple, and least that is what those who have interacted with me say. Okay, that "composed" one I got courtesy of a friend, Beltina Sassy, very recently. I know myself as a fast speaker, which most of the time makes me look less composed, but I am working on that daily.

Innovation is my admiration. I come up with new ideas when I travel, besides sleeping ( don't laugh), or watching a movie. Most of the ideas I come up with are either passed on to friends or I personally implement them.

Web technology has been in my veins since 4 years ago when I began as a blogger, after which I got curious to see what happens in the back end, and found myself building blogs. Look at me now....karma reloaded.

When people learn from me, I feel most empowered than when I learn from people. However, I feel more educated and learned when I listen to people rather than talk to them.

Since I would not like to bore you with "Tips and Tricks about me", if there is any other thing you'd like to know, the comments below are free, and I am open to any queries :)